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Purpose:  Job Application

This web site is intended to provide a sample of my abilities and capabilities as a teacher and scientist.  I am looking for employment in the Tri-cities area of southeastern Washington.  Anyone who happens to land here searching for radiation topics is welcome to use any of the materials provided in the Teaching Projects section.


Teaching Projects

Employed at Oregon State University Radiation Center for 26 years
  • Department Computing Administrator
  • Analytical Support Manager
  • Neutron Activation Analysis Specialist
  • Staff Chemist
An introduction to radiation chemistry and nuclear decay
  • Geiger-Mueller Counting Lab
  • M&M Half Life
  • Build a GM Detector
  • Build a Cloud Chamber
  • Networking Nuclear Gamma Analyzers

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  • Youth Education Volunteer
  • Performing Arts
  • Computer Projects
  • Fishing & Hiking
  • Shooting Sports

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