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Michael R. Conrady

6204 Hampshire Court, Pasco, WA 99301


Assume active role in the remediation of radiological and chemical hazards. / Provide expertise in the bioassay and environmental radioanalysis.



     Over 26 years experience as a university research scientist at a nuclear facility.

     Able to organize, design and manage complex research projects.

     Self motivated, task oriented problem solver with strong leadership skills.

     Proven ability to rapidly assimilate new skills to complete tasks.

     Excellent people skills for congenial participation in group endeavors.



B.S., General Science, Oregon State University

     Post Graduate classes in Chemistry & RHP

     Oregon State Teaching Certificate, Secondary Chemistry


Relevant Experience & Accomplishments


Analytical Chemist & NAA Specialist

     Conduct environmental soil, water and vegetation analyses in support of TRIGA reactor.

     Maintained analytical research laboratories for academic and emergency response.

     Process air samples for radioactive fall out measurements (Chernobyl).

     Develop quality assurance (QA) procedures for analytical equipment.

     Use radioisotopes to construct equipment calibration standards.

     Write research procedures and seek project approval.

     Assist researchers with analytical equipment techniques and radiation counting methods.

     Utilize radiotracers in research experiments.

     Perform neutron activation analysis (NAA) for research and service customers.

     Provide expert witness testimony related to lead bullet analyses.

     Adapt computer software to enhance laboratory accuracy and efficiency.

     Publish complete operating manuals for INAA software.

     Install LAN to support analytical instrument connectivity and enhance user interface.

     Build and maintain servers for data sharing, storage and preservation.


Leadership & Faculty Management Initiatives

     Train and supervised student assistants to help with customer service projects.

     Conduct analytical service projects from initial conception to completion.

     Direct student research activities to meet safety and regulatory requirements.

     Voluntarily participate in organizational customer outreach endeavors.

     Conduct reactor and research facility tours for individuals and student organizations.

     Instrumental in implementing an introduction to radiation chemistry laboratory experiment for freshman chemistry classes.

     Recommend department policy changes like outsourcing of computer services.



Oregon State University, Radiation Center, Corvallis, Oregon


     Staff Chemist

     Neutron Activation Analysis Specialist

     Analytical Support Manager

     Department Computing Administrator




Military Service

     Served 20 months of active duty with U. S Army, U. S. Army Reserves, and Oregon Army National Guard.

     Honors and awards:  National Defense Service Award, Good Conduct Medal, Honorary (Lifetime) Member of the 2nd Dragoons Border Legion and Army Commendation Medal (ARCOM)


Community Service and Interests

     BSA Den Leader, Cubmaster, Scoutmaster and Assistant District Commissioner

     Sunday school teacher and study group leader

     Community band or orchestra

     American Legion & NRA ranges membership




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